Propex was founded by Max Whitby in 2005. We started with three employees and eight traders within one office in Sydney. We quickly grew the team of traders, and after outgrowing numerous offices we settled on the 24th floor 66 Goulburn Street to accommodate our increase in traders and growing management team.

In 2007, we ran our first futures training program. Many of those first trainees continue with us to this day as successful, experienced traders. Over time, we have refined and perfected our training programs, which remain flexible enough to continually adapt to market changes and opportunities. 

In January 2012, we established a cash equities business, which is now very well established with traders in Sydney and the Gold Coast. As required, we will regularly bring our trainees into the equities business.

The evidence is in – at Propex, our future is bright, and we have realistic ambitions to grow further. From experience, we strongly believe that training talented, hard working and passionate graduates is our future.



What our Traders say about us:


"Strong backing, lots of support, encourages us to trade a variety of products."

"Great opportunity ,good workplace and experienced traders."

"Great place to work, pioneering in prop trading and support with infrastructure."

"Talented people working together. Comfortable working environment. Good trainers."

"I feel I have the tools I need to trade well, the backing of management, and I'm confident in Propex's solid financial position."

"Leading prop firm in Australia, with ability to grow and nurture traders to the top."

"Ideal place to start if you want to be a trader."

"No BS office culture. Good support for traders."

"The freedom to work from home, ability to trade 24hrs with risk management in place throughout."

"Good place to start your trading career. You get the best support and trading facilities in the industry here."

"I value my work colleagues, the trading itself, and the laid back culture. Plus, unlike many firms, there's a great work life balance here."









We don't stop there.

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