Trading is more than a full time job. It’s a profession that takes time to master. Traders are operating in a very competitive marketplace where the hardest working come out on top. Talent is important, but real effort is just as critical.

Be assured: trading will involve an incredible test of your of your patience, tenacity and willpower. You’ll need to understand your own psychology and how it affects your trading decisions. What motivates you? Are you willing to make sacrifices to achieve success? How much risk can you tolerate? Are you competitive enough? These are the elements in front of you.

The reality is, trading for a living is not easy, and we don’t pretend that it is. Forget what certain books tell you. They tend to say use the right indicator or the right pattern and you will generate profits over time. That may suit part time investors, or other types of traders, but genuine full time trading is more complex than that. 

So what’s the way forward? Rather than making the common mistakes most people make, at Propex we guide you along a path that dramatically increases your chances of trading success. We’ll help you identify and remove the common pitfalls and obstacles which get in the way of so many junior traders.

New traders need time to gain experience, to make errors, and to learn from those errors. They need time to develop strategies they believe in, and can truly build on. At Propex, we have built a culture of support and guidance to facilitate this as quickly as possible. Everything a trainee trader goes through, our senior traders and managers have already been through, and the knowledge we pass on to you is invaluable.

We’re about empowering you. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own trading performance. Your efforts, decision-making and discipline will impact your profitability. However, we provide open communication, support and structured mentoring of trainees (and experienced!) traders every step of the way. For these reasons, we believe Propex would be among the world’s best places for a trainee trader to learn this profession.

What helps a trainee become a good trader


You need to be truly passionate about financial markets. Belief and passion in what you are doing will help you to reach your goals.


Making mistakes when you’re learning to trade is natural. It’s the only way to gain experience. Can you pick yourself up and keep going in times of frustration and adversity?


You need to have an enquiring mind, on the lookout for consistent trading strategies for a profitable trading plan.


It takes time to gain the experience and knowledge required to become a successful trader. The more screen time you put in, the faster this experience comes and the more opportunities you will have to grow.

Our Comprehensive Training Program


The program is designed in such a way for you to truly understand and appreciate what it would be like to be a full time professional trader at Propex.


The program is run online so you can participate from your own home during the hours that don’t interrupt your current full time commitments.


The education and training content is beneficial for all candidates regardless of whether they continue on with us or pursue other opportunities.


The program is free of charge. Candidates only need access to a computer with a good internet connection.

Propex’s training program has been running for many years and is the perfect avenue for novice traders looking to take their trading to the next level. If you’re interested in potentially become a full time professional trader, this program is ideal for you.

We employ dedicated trainers who deliver the content and methods which make our program so effective in today's modern trading environment. We currently have two dedicated, full time trainers who work with you from day one, and can continue your training and development for many years.

Propex also ensures our in-house trainees are exposed to experienced traders, who will pass on skills and knowledge they have developed over many years.

All candidates who demonstrate potential in the in-house training program are invited in for an interview and potentially offered a full time trainee trader role in one of our offices.


Week 1

Introduction - You will learn some basic execution techniques, charting strategies as well as gain a fundamental knowledge fixed income futures.

Week 2

Spread trading - Gain an understanding of calendar spread movements, their execution as well as a deeper understanding of data events and market reaction.

Week 3

Intermediate Strategies - Build on what you have previously learned and move onto more advanced spread trading strategies as well as develop an understanding of longer term yield curve positions.

Week 4

Advanced – Form a view on the market direction and express it by building a book of positions across all parts of the curve.

Weeks 5 - 8

Assessment - Those showing potential will continue to trade on the simulator for a further 4 weeks, putting everything they have learnt into practice.

Weeks 9+

Traders who are profitable during the 4-week Assessment period will be offered an in house position and will be given a live account.

Next Available Starting Dates


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Gold Coast

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A day in the life of a trader

All our traders are different. They trade different markets across multiple time zones, which means Propex trades 24 hours a day. During peak trading hours, people of all levels of experience work side by side in the dealing room which creates a lot of opportunities for junior traders to meet and learn from senior traders. A typical day for one of our traders includes trading across as may time zones as possible. The dynamics that create market opportunities change with trends and cycles, so our traders have to be flexible enough to work unusual hours at times. The time zones can be classified as follows:



The Aussie and Asian session covering all markets in the region. Includes trading local economic news and events such as RBA meetings, Employment, CPI and Retail Sales. China’s influence in this time zone continues to grow.

4.00PM – 10.00PM


The European session where European economic data and events move global markets. London is the largest financial centre in the world and traders are very active during this period.

10.00PM – 7.00AM


The US session where US economic releases such as Non-Farm Payrolls, Retail Sales, Inflation, Housing and Manufacturing Indexes as well as FOMC meetings (and their minutes) create many trading opportunities.


Why work at Propex?

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