With high-speed access to global markets, we offer the best technology, support, limits and rates which enable our traders to rapidly progress their careers.


We provide low cost, institutional grade market access to domestic and global cash equities, with the best capital and splits. Our proprietary scanning and execution software, morning meeting, live group chat and support enable our traders to produce their best results.


We specialise in providing access to traditional FX and commodity markets as well as niche markets depending on level of experience.

Benefits of working at Propex


Our environment enables idea generation and collaboration among like-minded professionals. When you join our team, you can be sure of a cultural focus on trading excellence and sharing what's critical for achieving success.

Financial Strength

In 2015 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary, having navigated our way successfully through the GFC, European sovereign debt crisis  and the Chinese stock market crash. Throughout, we’ve maintained solid financial backing and an unwavering commitment to our traders.


We are constantly working internally and with 3rd party providers to ensure we provide the very best trading systems and IT infrastructure. 

Multi Assets Class

We provide fast access to domestic and international futures, equities, FX and commodities markets. 


Our traders gain access to large trading limits. We always support and encourage traders to take their trading to new heights. 


Our highly experienced management team back our traders 100%. We provide the best possible environment for our traders to reach their potential - supported by our 24hr IT and risk management teams. 

We don't compete with you

Unlike most firms, we do not compete with our traders in the markets they trade in. Our capital is solely deployed by the traders and our function is purely training, funding and support. 


Propex's dealing rooms have a sense of humility. Our best traders are well grounded. Egos are kept in check to prevent poor judgements and blowouts. We encourage our experienced traders to help and support the up and coming next generation because this breeds success for everyone long term.

A little bit about us

Over many years, Propex has gained a strong reputation and set the benchmark for Proprietary trading in Australia and beyond. In that respect, you might say we are the original and the best.

We trade futures in all asset classes, global cash equities, FX and commodities. Our strengths include our longevity, unparalleled support, and approach to risk management.

At Propex, we provide the systems and infrastructure, so you can focus on the trading. Our traders enjoy the fastest network access, 24-hour support, systematic and algo trading, and most importantly, reliably solid funding.

We pride ourselves in maintaining a professional environment and a culture that nurtures traders to perform to their best ability. Sure, you may not find a bunch of beanbags and ping pong tables cluttering up our offices, but that's because we focus purely on achieving trading success.

Our modern offices are conveniently located close to major transport lines, and the best IT infrastructure available keeps our people well up to speed.



What we're looking for

Demonstrated Experience

Depending on your level of experience, we will need to see your recent trading results.


We expect our experienced traders to fit into our culture, becoming positive role models for our junior traders.


We're looking for people who are self-starters, highly motivated professionals ready to leverage their current trading business.

How do I apply?


Do you currently live off your trading?


Please complete our application form & send your last 6 months trading results.


Do you have some trading experience?


Please complete our application form & attach CV and any proof of trading history.


Our trainee program may be best suited to you. Please click here to learn more.